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Basic Training Report  

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Three Astronaut Candidates, Satoshi Furukawa, Akihiko Hoshide, and Naoko Sumino are being trained primarily at Tsukuba Space Center. Their training status will be reported here once a month.

For basic training detail refer to "Outlines of Basic Training" and "Basic Training Fields".

Latest report
November 2000 Robotics training at Canadian Space Agency
This is the training report for November.

Backnumber of Basic Training Report
April 1999 May June July
Basic Training in Japan started Medical and Health maintenance training Swimming training Water Survival Training and Tanegashima Space Center Facility Tour
August September October November
Lectures at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, and underwater space suit fit check Scuba diving, photography, and aircraft flight training. Aircraft Flight Training Space experiments lectures
December January February March
Space medicine and life science training Land survival training Training in ESA and EVA training at Tsukuba Space Center Micro-gravity training and Hypobaric training and weightless training
April May June July
Space Shuttle, Earth Observation, CRM Flight training and International Space Station(ISS) System training Flight training and ISS training and Observing test on Kibo's Remote Manipulator System console International Space Station(ISS) System training
August September October
Training on Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo's" Operation Kibo operations training and training how to cope with media STS-92 mission support and International Space Station System Training Robotics training at Canadian Space Agency

Last Updated : December 26,2000

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