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Basic Training Report, September 1999

In September, the astronaut candidates (ASCANs) Furukawa, Hoshide, and Sumino received basic training such as scuba diving, photography, and aircraft flight.

Diving Training
The ASCANs are slated to participate in Extravehicular Activity (EVA) training next year at Tsukuba Space Center to acquire the basic skills necessary to conduct an EVA. The training will be conducted using the Weightless Environment Test System (WETS) wearing a space suit modified for underwater use.
In order to gain necessary knowledge and skills related to diving, Furukawa and Hoshide participated in diving training at the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC).
They received lectures on diving, diving regulation, and diving physiology. They also practiced snorkeling and scuba diving in a 3.5 m-deep diving pool. Training included swimming with extra weights on, swimming 40 m in length underwater without breathing, recovering diving equipment underwater, and escaping from obstacles in very poor visibility condition, in case of an emergency situation. These training were conducted to increase the proficiency in diving.
ASCAN Sumino had already been trained in a previous assignment.
Swimming with extra weights Swimming underwater for 40 m Weight and mask recovery training Escaping from obstacles in poor visibility

Photography Training
In the middle of September, the three ASCANs received training in photography. They learned the principles and skills on still, digital, and video cameras.
Such training is necessary since taking videos and photographs of the experiments and the Earth will be one of their important tasks on the International Space Station (ISS)
Classroom lecture Camera operation training Video camera operation training ASCAN Furukawa

Aircraft Flight Training
ASCANs Furukawa and Hoshide began small aircraft flight training in Houston, Texas. This training will be continued about two months (until November).
The purpose of this training is to improve their skills on radio communication in English, multitask operation under stressful conditions, instrument operation, as well as cultivating a sense of flight. ASCAN Sumino continues language training and physical training at Tsukuba Space Center. She will participate in flight training in the near future.

Small aircraft for training ASCAN Hoshide ASCANs and the instructor

@The next training report will be issued in early November.

Last Updated : October 19, 1999

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