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Basic Training Report, June 2000

This is the NASDA's astronaut candidates' (ASCANs) training report for June.

Flight training
Following the training conducted last month in Houston, Texas, the ASCANs participated in flight training using light planes. The purposes of this training are to improve skills necessary as an astronaut, such as multitask handling, radio communication in English, situation recognition and decision making under stress.

ASCAN Furukawa reports his flight training impression.

ASCAN Furukawa
Instrument flight school is very effective in complementing an astronaut's training. It places the student pilot under pressure where any mistake could endanger life. Continually scanning many instruments, while communicating in English (A second language) and acting appropriately based on comprehensive situation awareness makes instrument flight training a demanding challenge. I hope to maintain and improve the knowledge and skills obtained during this training and utilize them in the future.

International Space Station training
The ASCANs studied at Tsukuba Space Center in order to prepare themselves for the International Space Station (ISS) training that will be conducted at Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas, beginning in July. They studied a large volume of materials about ISS systems including Guidance, Navigation and Control System, Thermal Control System, Electrical Power System, Communication and Tracking System, Environmental Control and Life Support System, and Robotics Systems.

Observing test on Kibo's Remote Manipulator System console
The ASCANs observed Kibo's robot arm console Flight Crew Interface Test (FCIT)* that was conducted at Toshiba's Keihin factory on June 28. They attended this test to have a better understanding of the hardware by seeing the actual flight hardware with pipes and electrical cables located inside the console. They also used this opportunity to learn how the FCIT is conducted.

In addition, they continued with their language training and physical training.

*FCIT : An FCIT is conducted on the ground to confirm that astronauts can conduct on-orbit maintenance tasks including equipment exchange without difficulty by using tools and that there are no sharp edges that might injure the astronauts during EVA.

The next training report will be issued in mid August.

Last Updated : July 17, 2000

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