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Basic Training Report, August 1999

Lectures at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) and space suit fit check are the topics for this month.

Lectures at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

Director of ISAS and ASCANs

Receiving lectures
Astronaut candidates (ASCANs) Furukawa, Hoshide, and Sumino visited the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) in Sagamihara City in Kanagawa prefecture from August 18 to 20. They received lectures on space science research, astronomy, Moon and planetary exploration, and solar physics, which are the themes of space observation being conducted and space science fields being researched in Japan. They then toured the facilities and viewed satellites under development.

During the lecture on Stars and Constellations, they visited the Sagamihara city museum's planetarium and learned how to determine their own position from the positions of stars and constellations. They also observed the stars from the roof of the building.
Facility tour Lecture in a planetarium Astronomical observation
ASCAN Hoshide

Underwater space suit fit check
Ascan Furukawa
The ASCANs are scheduled to receive Extravehicular Activity (EVA) training in February 2000 at Tsukuba Space Center to learn basic EVA skills.

An underwater space suit is almost identical to a real space suit used for EVA in space. Space suit parts such as the hard upper torso, lower torso, and gloves are provided in various sizes to fit for each astronaut. Sizing parts are inserted to adjust the length of arms and legs.

It is difficult to move freely in a space suit. For instance, shoulder movement is restricted, view is obstructed. Poorly fit gloves make it difficult to operate. To allow better movement, the space suit must be adjusted to the astronaut.

Fit check was conducted to find a better space suit size for each ASCAN. Using sizing parts, they determined correct sizing parts for the arms and legs, and checked for any pain and the movement of their arms and fingers.
Checking the grasp. Checking if keyboard and switches can be operated. Checking operability of EVA Tether.

The next report will be issued in early October.

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