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Basic Training Report, April 1999

Basic Training in Japan started in April 1999!

On April 1, 1999, NASDA(JAXA) started the Basic Training of Astronaut Candidates (ASCANs), Mr. Furukawa, Mr. Hoshide, and Ms. Sumino, who will work on board the International Space Station(ISS). This training will be conducted primarily at Tsukuba Space Center. This is the first time such training will be conducted in Japan.
From right to left, astronaut candidate Furukawa, Hoshide, and Sumino. Ceremony on April 1, 1999 welcoming Mr. Furukawa to NASDA. Right, Mr. Uchida, President of NASDA. Left, Mr. Furukawa.

Basic Training Opening Ceremony

On April 14, 1999, the Opening Ceremony for Basic Training was held with the attendance of many international partners involved in astronaut training. Following speeches of Mr. Miura, a Executive Director of NASDA, and Mr. F. Hughes Chairperson of the International Training Control Board, astronauts Mohri, Wakata, and Noguchi addressed the three ASCANs.
People attending the opening ceremony. Mr. F. Hughes the Chairperson of International Training Control Board
Astronaut Mohri encouraging the three candidates in a video letter. Astronaut Wakata and Noguchi encouraging the three candidates from Houston.
At the ceremony, the three candidates shared their own hopes towards the future.
Mr. Furukawa said he would do his best so that he will be able to contribute to ISS and JEM. Mr. Hoshide expressed his hope that he will be able to contribute to ISS program, and in the future to expand human activity field.
Ms. Sumino hopes to become a part of ISS which is small but has big will. She also hopes to do her best to improve her physical strength, knowledge, and mental ability.

This Month's Status Report

Here we present the activities which took place on April 14, 1999. After the opening ceremony, the three ASCANs received a one and a half hour lecture on technology research conducted by NASDA. The primary training conducted in April was as an introduction to the series of training courses. ASCANs received classroom lectures on each country's history and present situation of space development including Japan, as well as health care which is important for astronauts. NASDA personnel of related sections served as instructors.

Three ASCANs listening to a lecture.

In the afternoon, the ASCANs took facility tours of Tsukuba Space Center. They visited the Astronaut Training Facility(ATF), which is the training home facility; the Weightless Environment Test facility, where microgravity can be simulated; the Space Station Test facility, where the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) "Kibo" will be tested, and the JEM Mission Control Room. The three ASCANs listened to the explanations earnestly and technical conversations often took place.

Three ASCANs during Facility Tour
Hyperbaric Training Facility (altitude chamber) Examination Room in Astronaut Training Facility Weightless Environment Test facility Engineering Model of JEM "Kibo" Mission Control Room

The next report will be issued at the end of June.

Last Updated : May. 20, 1999

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