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ASCAN Basic Training Report, October 2000

This is the October training primary activity report of NASDA's(JAXA's) astronaut candidates (ASCANs).

STS-92 mission support
The ASCANs worked as members of the STS-92 mission support team during the mission.
Furukawa supported the mission from the NASDA(JAXA) support room located in the Mission Control Center (MCC) at Johnson Space Center (JSC), in Houston, Texas, and from the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida, by collecting and distributing mission information and supporting the launch guests.
Hoshide and Sumino supported from the Mission Operations Room at Tsukuba Space Center (where operations for Japanese Experiment Module Kibo of the ISS will take place in the future.) etc., and helped relay mission information and monitored the mission status real time.
Furukawa(right) at Johnson Space Center
Hoshide and Sumino in the Mission Operations Room at Tsukuba Space Center
Hoshide in the information distribution room at Tsukuba Space Center

International Space Station System Training
From the second half of October Sumino received lectures on the ISS systems and training using simulator at the Johnson Space Center.

The training covered the basic structures and functions of the primary systems of the ISS such as on-board Computer, Electrical Power System, Thermal Control System, Environmental Control and Life Support System, and Robotics Systems.

The next training report will be issued in mid December.

Last updated: November 13,2000
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