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Basic Training Report, April 2000

The April training report for NASDA astronaut candidates (ASCANs) Furukawa, Hoshide and Sumino is presented here.

Lectures on Space Shuttle
During the first half of April, the ASCANs received lectures on Space Shuttle systems, launch, and landing at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Earth Observation
To learn the basics of Earth Observation, they had lectures related to Earth observation systems and remote sensing technology, and participated in hands-on training of image data analysis and processing in the latter half of April. They also participated in field activity for data acquisition at NASDA's(JAXA's) Earth Observation Center, Hatoyama. Earth observation is one of the important fields aboard the International Space Station. It is expected to contribute in the fields of Earth environment monitoring and atmospheric observation.
Field activity at the Earth Observation Center

Crew Resource Management (CRM)
ASCANs received lectures on Crew Resource Management (CRM) at Tsukuba Space Center. Basically, CRM is a concept which will contribute in safely and efficiency of flight through resource management to optimize teamwork among the crew. Aircraft pilots and crew members need to carefully manage all available resources, both human and material. These are learned through CRM training.

Together with the ground controllers, training personnel, and flight surgeons, who all support the astronauts, ASCANs, learned how to analyze their emotions, how to communicate with team members, how to lead the team, and how to reasonably judge and make decisions to accomplish given objectives.
ASCAN Furukawa
ASCAN Hoshide
ASCAN Sumino

The next training report will be issued in mid June.

Last Updated : June 8, 2000

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