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Basic Training Report, January 2000

Training conducted in Russia for two weeks is reported here.

Training on the Russian Segment of the International Space Station
Astronaut candidates received lectures on the International Space Station (ISS) and Soyuz components developed by Russia, the basic functional module Zarya and the service module Zvezda, from Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) instructors, at GCTC. They also received lectures on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft that carry astronauts between the ISS and the Earth. They also received training in the Zarya, Zvezda and Soyuz simulators.

Zarya simulator
Soyuz simulator

Land survival training
Through land survival training, astronauts acquire skills needed to survive until they are rescued in the event of emergency landing, which could occur during launch or re-entry into the atmosphere from space. This second survival training, following water survival training held in July 1997, assumes a landing on mid winter taiga.

Astronauts received lectures and hands-on training on how to escape from the return capsule, how to use the survival kits in the return capsule, how to build a shelter, how to make and maintain a fire, how the severe environment affects the human body, medical themes such as symptoms of injury and diseases and how to use the emergency kit, how to select camping locations, how to obtain food and water, sending rescue signals using the emergency radio and smoke/flare signals, and how to move on frozen lakes and in mountain. They then conducted three days of field training in the Moscow suburbs, where the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees C.

Hands-on training

Three day field training
Shelter they built

@The next basic training report will be issued in early March.

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