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Basic Training Report, November 1999

Having finished approximately two months of flight training in the US, astronaut candidates Furkawa and Hoshide returned to Japan in mid November.

ASCAN Furukawa flew this airplane.
ASCAN Hoshide wearing a "food" to look at only the instruments during instrument flight training.

Here are some comments on flight training from Furukawa and Hoshide..

Through this training I learned basic flight techniques. Although I flew by watching the horizon, I had to watch many instruments in front of me. We communicated in English, which was also very good training for me. I am sure this is going to be a very valuable experience for future activities and training.
ASCAN Furukawa
I flew the aircraft depending solely on instruments, which is similar to some tasks on the space station such as operating a robotic arm. Apart from controlling the aircraft, I had to navigate and communicate with controllers. The workload was high, but I believe it was an extremely effective training for astronauts. I'd like to brush up my skills and abilities for my future mission !
ASCAN Hoshide

Space experiments lectures
Three astronaut candidates receiving lectures.
The three astronaut candidates resumed their training at the Tsukuba Space Center from late November.

In order to acquire knowledge on various space experiments, they received lectures summarizing microgravity science and life science experiments, and experiments to be conducted on Kibo's Pressurized Module (PM) and Exposed Facility (EF).

Based on these training, they will learn the skills necessary for life science experiments next month.

The next December training report will be issued in early January.

Last Updated : December 10, 1999

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