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Basic Training Report, May 2000

This month, ASCANs received flight training, and training on the International Space Station (ISS) system in the US.

Flight training
NASDA ASCANs Furukawa, Hoshide, and Sumino received flight training using small aircraft in Houston, Texas. This was the second flight training for Furukawa and Hoshide following the first training last fall, and the first for Sumino. The purposes of this training is to improve skills necessary as an astronaut, such as multitask handling, radio communication in English, situation recognition and decision making under pressure.
ASCAN Furukawa ASCAN Hoshide

Ms. Sumino gave us her impression of what she felt during her first flight training.
I am flying an airplane feeling the vastness of Texas. Controlling aircraft attitude by comparing the outside scenery and the instruments in the cockpit, making real-time decisions when there is an aircraft malfunction, communicating over the radio in English-all of these experiences are good training for me. The natural environment, such as wind, changes day-by-day, which forces me to adapt too. Everyday is fresh to me.
ASCAN Sumino

International Space Station(ISS) System training
ASCAN Hoshide receiving robot arm operation training using a simulator
ISS system training was conducted at the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas. The purpose is to learn the basic structure and function of the primary ISS systems, such as onboard computers, Electrical Power System, Thermal Control System, Environmental Control and Life Support System, and robotics.

The next training report will be issued in mid July.

Last Updated : June 15, 2000

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