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Basic Training Report, May 1999

It's already been two months since basic training started in April 1999. Three astronaut candidates (ASCANs) seem to have become accustomed to the training, and they are eagerly participating in the training courses every day.

Primary training subjects of May.

Medical training was conducted primarily in first half of May; in the latter half, primarily Aerospace Engineering subjects, such as Electrical Power System, Communications System, Mechanical Structure, Thermal Control, Flight Dynamics, and Space Environment, were taught in the classroom.

This report will concentrate on Medical and Health maintenance training, and Physical Strength training.

ASCANs Furukawa (left) and Sumino (right) ASCAN Hoshide

Medical and Health Control training

Since ASCANs must keep themselves in good physical condition, medical training, especially health maintenance training, is conducted earlier than other subjects during one and a half year of basic training period.

In May, they studied themes such as personal health maintenance, effects of the space environment on the human body, physical injuries and care, and Medical First Aid (MFA). Following lectures of MFA, revival, and physical injury care, they actually experienced artificial respiration, Cardio-Pulmonary Resusitation, carrying injured or unconscious persons to safe locations, and bandaging.

These training courses teach ASCANs techniques to protect themselves, in preparation for accidents during training courses using water pool for water survival training or weightless environment training to be conducted later in the basic training course.

Practical Training
Confirming Consciousness Cardio-Pulmonary Resusitation Carrying Patients ASCAN Furukawa watching leg artery
Bandaging Blood Pressure Measurement

Physical Strength training

As part of the health maintenance activities, the three ASCAN's perform physical training three times a week. The purpose of their training is to maintain and increase their physical strength and improve their health. When an astronaut stays in a microgravity environment for a long time, his or her muscles and bones will become weak. Therefore, such physical training is important to strengthen astronauts before they go to space.

In the middle of June, a swimming test will be conducted with ASCANs wearing flight-suite-equivalent clothing. This test will be conducted in order to prepare for landing in the water in case of an emergency. In July, water survival training will be conducted. ASCANs are training themselves to improve their swimming skills to prepare for this training.
ASCAN Furukawa
ASCAN Hoshide
ASCAN Sumino

Basic Training Instructor

I am responsible for physical strength training. The objective of my instruction for these three ASCANs is to train their muscles and body trunk bones which maintain the lower body and the attitude of the whole body.
Yasushi Mizuno
Manager, astronauts' athletic training program
Space Environment Utilization System Department National Space Development Agency of Japan

The next report will be issued in early July.

Last Updated : June.15, 1999

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