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2J/A Mission

STS-127 Mission (2J/A)

Image: 2J/A Mission Logo

2J/A Assembly Mission Insignia (official JAXA mission patches for the 2J/A Mission)

The STS-127 Mission (2J/A), the last of the Kibo designated assembly flights, will deliver Kibo’s external experiment platform, the “Exposed Facility (EF),” also called JEF, and an external stowage pallet, the “Experiment Logistics Module-Exposed Section (ELM-ES),” also called JLE, to the ISS. This mission will also deliver US elements (exposed ORUs) to the ISS.

After the space shuttle docks to the ISS, the EF will be lifted from the shuttle’s cargo bay and attached to Kibo’s Pressurized Module (PM). The ELM-ES will then be attached to the EF.
After the STS-127 Mission objectives are completed, Kibo will be seen in its final configuration attached to the front of the ISS.

Prior to the STS-127 Mission, JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata will fly to the ISS as part of the STS-119 Mission and remain aboard the ISS as an Expedition 18 Flight Engineer. While aboard the ISS, astronaut Wakata will prepare for and await the arrival of STS-127. After completing its mission, the STS-127 will return and bring astronaut Wakata, who will have completed his three- to four-month mission aboard the ISS, back home.

Launch Date 7:39 p.m. July 11, 2009 (EDT)
8:39 a.m. July 12, 2009 (JST)
Launch site NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC)
Duration 16 days
Crew Seven (JAXA Astronaut Wakata will return on this flight.)
Orbiter Endeavour(23th flight)
Altitude Orbital Insertion: approx. 226km
Docking: approx. 350km
Inclination 51.6 Degrees
Main payload Exposed Facility (EF)
Experiment Logistics Module- Exposed Section (ELM-ES)
US elements
STS-127 Mission (2J/A) Flight Schedule
  • In the ISS assembly flight designators, the “J” represents the missions that relate to Japanese elements, and the “A” represents the missions that relate to American (US) elements. The 2J/A flight is the second assembly flight and will deliver Japanese and US elements.

Figure 2 depicts the ISS configuration after the STS-127 Mission (2J/A) is completed.

Image: Temporary ISS  configuration

ISS configuration after STS-127


Image: Mark L. Polansky

Mark L. Polansky


NASA Astronaut Biographies
Image: Douglas G. Hurley

Douglas G. Hurley


NASA Astronaut Biographies
Image: Christopher J. Cassidy

Christopher J. Cassidy

Mission Specialist

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Thomas H. Marshburn

Mission Specialist

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David A. Wolf

Mission Specialist

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Julie Payette

Mission Specialist

NASA Astronaut Biographies
Photo: Gregory Errol Chamitoff

Timothy L. Kopra

ISS Flight Engineer

NASA Astronaut Biographies
Photo: Michael E. Fossum

Koichi Wakata

ISS Flight Engineer

NASA Astronaut Biographies

Image credit: NASA
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