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Experiment Logistics Module-Exposed Section

Last Updated: September 5, 2014
At Tsukuba Space Center (TKSC): Weight measurement and balance test of the ELM-ES and the payloads to be loaded into the ELM-ES

At the Tsukuba Space Center (TKSC): ELM-ES and payloads



The Experiment Logistics Module-Exposed Section (ELM-ES) will be attached to the end of the Exposed Facility (EF) to provide payload storage space. The ELM-ES can carry up to three payloads at launch. In addition, the ELM-ES provides a logistics function where the ELM-ES can be detached from the EF and returned to the ground aboard the space shuttle.

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Item Specification
Structure Frame
Width 4.9m
Height 2.2m (including the height of the payloads)
Length 4.1m
Mass (Dry weight) 1.2t (excluding payloads)
Number of Payloads (loading style variable) Three EF payloads
Two EF payloads + three R-ORUs
Two EF payloads + two E-ORUs
Electrical power supply Max. 1.0kW 120V DC
Thermal control Heater and thermal insulator
Life time More than 10 years


Structure of the ELM-ES

Structure of the ELM-ES

The ELM-ES is mainly composed of aluminum alloy panels in a reticular pattern. Five trunnions fasten the ELM-ES to the space shuttle's cargo bay.

Payload Interface Unit (PIU)

This mechanism is used to attach the ELM-ES to the EF or the Experiment Logistics Module-Pressurized Section (ELM-PS).


This is a fixture for fastening the EF to the space shuttle's cargo bay, when the EF is launched.

Grapple Fixtures

SSRMS (Space Station Remote Manipulator System) or SRMS (Shuttle Remote Manipulator System) grapple here.

Payload Attachment Mechanism (PAM)


This mechanism fastens EF payloads to the ELM-ES while the ELM-ES is being launched to the International Space Station (ISS) or returned to the ground aboard the space shuttle. In addition, this mechanism is used to temporarily accommodate EF payloads. The PAM has electrical connectors that provide heater power to EF payloads.

Structure of the PAM

Structure of the PAM

Current Status

The ELM-ES was shipped from Japan to NASA Kennedy Space Center in 2008. The ELM-ES was launched on the STS-127 Mission (2J/A) and installed to the EF on July 21, 2009.

STS-127 Mission (2J/A)
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