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Flight Day 2

Last Updated: June 2, 2008

Preparation for inspection of Discovery's heat shield (Image credit: NASA)

Aboard the space shuttle Discovery today, STS-124 crewmembers performed the inspection of the orbiter's Thermal Protection System (TPS) using the space shuttle's robotic arm (Shuttle Remote Manipulator System: SRMS).

The inspection was carried out without the use of the OBSS (Orbiter Boom Sensor System). Due to the payload bay clearances with Kibo Pressurized Module (PM), Discovery did not carry the OBSS on this launch. In preparation for this particular flight, the OBSS was left on the ISS on the preceding mission (STS-123).

The normal FD-2 TPS inspection was not possible without the OBSS. Nevertheless, a limited survey of Discovery's TPS with the SRMS End Effector camera would give the engineers on the ground some imagery data to examine the condition of the TPS.

Meanwhile, the engineering team has been continuing evaluations on the debris events observed during the Discovery's ascent. More imagery data will come in a few days. Then, the Mission Management Team will decide whether Focused Inspection on flight day 7 (FD7) is required to clarify the condition of the TPS.

The FD2 activities also include rendezvous/docking preparations for the docking with the ISS, involving centerline camera installation, orbiter docking system (ODS) ring extension, rendezvous tools checkout and orbit adjustment maneuver toward the ISS. In addition, the EMUs are being checked out for their upcoming spacewalks.

The crewmembers took their time to participated in the US news conference.

Hoshide's activity on FD2

Astronaut Hoshide extended the ODS ring for tomorrow's rendezvous/docking, and prepared middeck cargo for transfer operation. He also took time out to do his exercise on the ergometer.

STS-124 Mission crewmembers including Hoshide went to their sleep period at 11:32 a.m. June 2, and will wake up at 7:32 p.m. June 2 to start their flight day 3 (FD3) activities.

For more information, please log on to NASA STS-124 Status Report.

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