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H-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI (HTV)

Last updated: August 10, 2013


HTV Pressurized Logistics Carrier (PLC)

PLC with HRRs loaded

PLC with HRRs and CTBs loaded

About 3.9 metric tons of cargo will be loaded in the PLC. Each supply is packed in the Cargo Transfer Bags (CTBs) respectively, and the bags are stored in the HTV Re-supply Racks (HRRs) or strapped to the surface of HRRs. The main cargo includes the following:

Experiment samples to be conducted on the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo"
Experiment equipments and system supplies




Re-entry Data Recorder (i-Ball)


  • Freezer-Refrigerator of Stirling Cycle (FROST)
  • A Stirling cooler that is able to keep under -70 deg C. New domestic refrigerants have been developed to keep cold even in a case of power outage.

  • ISS Cryogenic Experiment Storage Box (ICE Box)
  • A cool box made to keep the container cool without the electrical power during a flight to the ISS.

  • Re-entry Data Recorder (i-Ball)
  • i-Ball aims to obtain various data of a spacecraft's re-entry into atmosphere on its return from space, such as its location, velocity, acceleration, temperature, and image data. It relayed its data during the fiery reentry of HTV3. This is the second time to carry an i-Ball.

  • Small satellites (CubeSats)
  • 4 CubeSats will be delivered to release them from Kibo, taking advantage of Kibo's airlock and robotic arm.

  • 4K resolution camera
  • Reference: World First! A Supersensitive 4K Camera in Space!! Launch on August 4th to Shoot Comet ISON - Broadcast Scheduled for December [PDF 60KB]

  • Supplies for Kibo and NASA
Food (retort pouches, dried food, snacks, beverages), drinking water

    This is the second time for HTV to deliver the drinking water. This time, the HTV4 increased the amount and delivers 480 liters of water.

Commodities and clothes for astronauts

HTV Unpressurized Logistics Carrier (ULC)

The HTV Unpressurized Logistics Carrier (ULC) carries 1.5 metric tons of ORUs and experiment payload to be installed on the exposed area.

  • Main Bus Switching Unit (MBSU)
  • Four MBSUs are placed on the S0 truss. The MBSU is an important hardware that distributes electronic loads to each system on the ISS. Astronauts Akihiko Hoshide and Sunita Williams exchanged one of the MBSUs during EVA between August to September in 2012.

  • Utility Transfer Assembly (UTA)
  • The UTA is one of the Orbital Replacement Units (ORUs) that is placed on the Solar Array Rotary Joint (SARJ) and provides power and data interface to the P3-P4 and S3-S4 trusses.

  • NASA's payload Space Test Program - Houston 4 (STP-H4)
(Exposed Pallet - Multi-Purpose: EP-MP)

Loading image on the Exposed Pallet - Multi-Purpose (EP-MP)(Credit: JAXA/NASA)

Loading trash on the ULC

In addition to trash on the ISS, HTV4 will re-entry into the atmosphere loading U.S. experiment hardware STP-H3 (no longer necessary) on the ULC, which is the first time for HTV to use the ULC for disposal.

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