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H-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI (HTV)

KOUNOTORI4 encapsulated

Last Updated: July 19, 2013
photo:KOUNOTORI4 encapsulated in the H-IIB payload fairing

KOUNOTORI4 encapsulated in the H-IIB payload fairing (credit: JAXA)

On July 11, the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) KOUNOTORI4 was mated with the Payload Attach Fitting (PAF) that is used for attaching the HTV and H-IIB launch vehicle at the Spacecraft and Fairing Assembly Building #2 (SFA2).

Subsequently from July 13-18, the HTV on the PAF was encapsulated in the payload fairing, which covers the payload to protect it from air resistance, friction and the acoustic vibrations of launch.

KOUNOTORI4 is scheduled to launch at from the Tanegashima Space Center (TNSC).

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