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Space radiation environment on board a spacecraft changes complicatedly depending on solar activity, solar flare, and conditions of the shielding environment of the spacecraft.

Area PADLES dosimeters are installed at fixed locations onboard the Japanese Experiment Module, Kibo to monitor space radiation environment inside Kibo.

Area PADLES dosimeter

Area PADLES dosimeter enclosed in a polycarbonate case with a tether, and it has Velcro tape on the backside of the case so that it can be attached to the internal walls of the ISS modules.

The dosimeters are installed and swapped every increment or every 6 months for continous area monitoring. Obtained results of continous area monitoring can effectively be utilized for development of future manned space flight technology, especially in respect to the following aspects;

Installation Locations of Area PADLES dosimeters

Installation Locations of Area PADLES dosimeters

The space radiation environment inboard is measured by Area PADLES dosimeters at 17 places in the Japanese Experiment Module "KIBO".

12 places in Pressurized Module (PM)
(It is four places in the Node side, the Exposed Facility (EF) side, and the center for each.)
5 places in Experiment Logistics Module-Pressurized Section(ELM-PS)
(zenith and four places in Pressurized Module (PM) joint part)

These Area PADLES dosimeters are collected and changed in every approximately 6-8 months (1-2 times a year), and are analyzed in Tsukuba space center after the return.

A setting position of AreaPADLES(cf. right figure)

Installation Locations of Area PADLES in the Japanese Experiment Module, KIBO

Pressurized Module (PM)

Harmony (Node2) side

Center part

Exposed Facility (EF) side

Experiment Logistics Module-Pressurized Section (ELM-PS)

Status of Space radiation environment monitor

Area PADLES was launched to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard STS-124 (1J) Mission on May 31, 2008. On June 12, 2008, the first of Area PADLES was attached in Kibo, the continuous fixed point environment monitoring of the space radiation has started.
The measurement result of Area PADLES is shown sequentially on this website.

1. Area PADLES 1
: June 2008 STS-124 (1J) Launch - March 2009 STS-119 (15A) Return

2. Area PADLES 2
: March 2009 STS-119 (15A) Launch - September 2009 STS-128 (17A) Return

3. Area PADLES 3 & Exp PADLES
: September 2009 STS-128 (17A) Launch - April 2010 STS-131 (19A) Return

4. Area PADLES 4
: April 2010 STS-131 (19A) Launch - February 2011 STS-133 (ULF5) Return

5. Area PADLES 5
: February 2011 STS-133 (ULF5) Launch - May 2011 Soyuz TMA-20 (25S) Return

6. Area PADLES 6
: June 2011 Soyuz TMA-02M (27S) Launch - November 2011 Soyuz TMA-02M (27S) Return

7. Area PADLES 7
: December 2011 Soyuz TMA-03M (29S) Launch - April 2012 Soyuz TMA-22 (28S) Return

8. Area PADLES 8
: May 2012 Soyuz TMA-04M (30S) Launch - September 2012 Soyuz TMA-04M (30S) Return