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ISS/Kibo Monthly News (First issue)

ISS/Kibo Monthly News introduces events on the Japanese Experiment Module ("Kibo") and the International Space Station (ISS) and activities of JAXA Astronauts.

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Achievements of the “Space Environment and Kibo Utilization Workshop (SEKUW)”

The Space Environment and Kibo Utilization Workshop (SEKUW) was successfully convened at the National Planetarium, National Space Agency (ANGKASA), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from April 18 to 19, 2016.

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JAXA PCG (fourth session of the second series) begins

The Protein Crystal Growth experiment (JAXA PCG, fourth session of the second series) has begun in the Japanese Experiment Module (“Kibo”)

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JAXA Astronaut Activity Report, March 2016

This is the final issue of the JAXA Astronaut Activity Report that began in April 2004. The activities of JAXA astronauts will be introduced in part of the ISS/Kibo Monthly News series beginning next month.

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Kibo-ABC Member Countries’ News: Philippines and Japan

DIWATA-1, the first Philippine-made satellite was successfully deployed from the “Kibo” in ISS on April 27, 2016. Also this was the first attempt to deploy a 50kg class satellite from the Kibo.

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