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Result of the high-altitude drop test of a simulated small return capsule to establish return technology

JAXA is developing a small return capsule that can be carried aboard the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) KOUNOTORI.

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JAXA Astronaut Activity Report, August 2015

This is JAXA's Japanese astronaut activity report for August 2015.

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Japanese and Brazilian CubeSats deployed from Kibo

On September 17, 2015, two CubeSats -- SERPENS developed by the University of Brasilia (UnB) and S-CUBE of the Chiba Institute of Technology -- were successfully deployed from the Japanese Experiment Module (“Kibo”).

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Protein crystals grown in Kibo have returned to the ground (JAXA PCG experiment)

Samples of the protein crystals for the JAXA PCG experiment launched alongside Astronaut Kimiya Yui aboard the Soyuz TMA-17M spacecraft (43S) on July 23 have completed growth in space and were returned to Earth.

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Kibo-ABC Member Countries' News: Indonesia and Japan

Indonesian youth talked with astronaut Soichi Noguchi through the communication event of Space Science Festival in Bandung, Indonesia

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KOUNOTORI5 Mission Completed(September 30, 2015)

KOUNOTORI5 Mission Completed

KOUNOTORI5 (HTV5) reentered Earth's atmosphere at 5:33 a.m., September 30 (8:33 p.m., September 29 UTC).

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Kibo-ABC Member Countries' News: Indonesia

Finalists of the Scientific Writing Competition for high school students in Indonesia, “Clinostat Experiment, Space Simulation on Life Science,” are conducting simulated microgravity experiments for the final competition in October

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