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H-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI (HTV)

Last updated: August 7, 2012

KOUNOTORI3 Mission Timeline

In-Flight Schedule

In-flight schedule of the HTV3 mission is subject to change depending on the ISS's operations timeline.

HTV3 Mission Timeline
Flight Day
Major mission events
Launch, Orbit Insertion
  • Post-insertion auto sequence (HTV subsystem activations, attitude control, system check, Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) communications establishment, initiation of communication with HTV Mission Control Room (HTV MCR))
  • Rendezvous Maneuver
FD2 to FD6
Far-field Rendezvous Maneuvers
FD7 to FD8
Proximity Operations, Final Approach, Capture by the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) and Berth to the Harmony's Nadir Port
  • Common Berthing Mechanism (CBM) leak check
  • Vestibule outfitting (cable connections between KOUNOTORI3 and the nadir port of Harmony, activation of Inter Module Ventilation (IMV) etc.)
  • Crew ingress to the Pressurized Logistics Carrier (PLC), deployment of Portable Breathing Apparatus (PBA) and Portable Fire Extinguisher (PFE) in PLC, etc.
After FD 9
Cargo Transfer (From PLC to ISS), etc.
Move of the Exposed Pallet (EP) from the HTV Unpressurized Logistics Carrier (ULC) to the JEM Exposed Facility (EF)
FD 18 to FD20
Transfer of the Japanese Multi-mission Consolidated Equipment (MCE) to EF and NASA's Space Communications and Navigation Testbed (SCAN Testbed) to the installation location
Reinstallation of emptied EP into ULC
After FD22
Cargo Transfer from PLC to ISS, Trash Loading from ISS to PLC
One Day Before Unberthing
Unberthing Preparation
  • Removal of lights, smoke detectors, PFE, and PBA (all to be stowed on the ISS)
  • Installation of the Controller Panel Assemblies (CPAs)
  • Hatch closure, cable de-mating
  • Deactivation of IMV
HTV Unberthing
HTV Unberthing, Separation from the ISS
  • KOUNOTORI3 grapples by the SSRMS
  • CBM bolts release
  • SSRMS moves KOUNOTORI3 to release position
  • Activation of the Guidance Navigation Control (GNC), activation of HTV propulsion system
  • SSRMS ungrapples KOUNOTORI3, KOUNOTORI3 begins separation maneuvers
De-orbit Maneuver, Fiery Reentry
  • Release of i-Ball and REBR

**: Flight Day begins with ISS crew wake-up
Pictures used in the table are taken during the HTV1 and HTV2 Mission. Some of them are Computer Graphics (CG) images.

Vehicle Processing / Launch Preparation Phase

HTV3 Mission Vehicle Processing / Launch Preparation

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