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H-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI (HTV)

The Exposed Pallet (EP) of the HTV5 was reinstalled into KOUNOTORI's Unpressurized Logistics Carrier (ULC).

Last Updated: September 16, 2015

After removed from the Kibo's Exposed Facility(EF) by the JEM Remote Manipulator System (JEMRMS), the Exposed Pallet (EP) was handed over to the station's robotic arm (Space Station Remote Manipulator System: SSRMS).

Then, the EP was stowed into KOUNOTORI's Unpressurized Logistics Carrier (ULC) at 11:41 p.m. (2:41 p.m. UTC) on September 15

The Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder (SMILES), Multi-mission Consolidated Equipment (MCE), and the U.S. payload Space Test Program - Houston 4 (STP-H4), all completed their missions, are mounted on the EP. They will be disposed with the KOUNOTORI5's fiery reentry.

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