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MFD Status Report

August 13, 17:00 CDT

Today on the Space Shuttle Discovery, the Ground Commanding (GC) experiments of the MFD robot arm was conducted from 5:19 CDT. Due to the Orbiter Communication Adaptor (OCA) shutdown during the GC experiments, a part of FCERA and INSPECT experiments were not completed, but NASDA and NASA are exploring possibilities to reschedule the remaining GC experiment on another flight day.

The GC experiments were conducted by file transfers from ground facilities to the Space Shuttle. This remote control robot arm experiment is the first of its kind, conducted on board a manned space craft and exposed to the space environment. This remote arm operation capability is expected to assist future Space Station crew members so that they may focus their on-orbit working hours on important space experiments.

Today's GC experiments were conducted by the following order:

  1. Astronaut Davis and Astronaut Robinson switched the arm over to remote ground operation control mode.

  2. Arm movement command files were uplinked to the Space Shuttle.

  3. Send command to execute arm operation. (Crew members monitors the arm movement during experiment.)