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MFD Status Report

August 10, 16:00 CDT

The second test run of the Manipulator Flight Demonstration (MFD) test aboard STS-85 started on August 10 5:06 CDT. After the MFD system activation and checkout, the arm was released from the Arm Hold and Release Mechanism (AHRM), and was operated by Mission Specialist Steve Robinson to detach the simulated Orbital Replacement Unit (ORU), then operated the arm to evaluate the functions and performance of the arm while grappling the ORU, and finally reattached the ORU to its pallet. Followed by a lunch break, Mission Specialist Jan Davis swiched over to operate the MFD arm to demonstrate the functions of door opening and closing. The crew commented on the operability of the MFD arm as "very smooth". The third test run of the MFD is scheduled to start tomorrow 6:31 CDT.

The Evaluation of Space Environment and Effects on Materials (ESEM) has been conducted for a total of approximately 15 hours, and will continue to acquire data on the space environment.

before ORU detachment ORU detachment Door opening