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H-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI (HTV)

The first modules of KOUNOTORI 3 (HTV3) have arrived at TNSC

Last Updated: December 14, 2011

Before dawn on August 12, the Pressurized Logistics Carrier (PLC), the Unpressurized Logistics Carrier (ULC), and the Propulsion Module of the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV3), KOUNOTORI 3, have arrived at the Tanegashima Space Center (TNSC).

Around noon on August 9, a ship loaded with the modules of KOUNOTORI 3 (HTV3) set sail from the port of Nagoya, has arrived at the Shimama harbor of Tanegashima island. The modules were transported via a truck on the island and brought in TNSC. The modules are to be inspected.

The remaining modules, the Avionics Module and the Exposed Pallet (EP), are scheduled to arrive at TNSC sequentially.

Unloads KOUNOTORI 3 modules on Shimama harbor (Credit: JAXA)

Delivers KOUNOTORI 3 modules to TNSC (Credit: JAXA)

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