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Mission Objectives

1 Primary Payloads

1.1 Spacelab Mission

Fourth Microgravity Experiment Payload (USMP-4)/OARE (Orbital Acceleration Research Experiment)
This project is managed and operated by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, mainly consisting of microgravity science experiments, conducted in cargo bay of the space shuttle. This series of USMP missions has provided the foundation for advanced scientific joint investigations on the Russian Space Station Mir and the International Space Station.

MEPHISTO : Material Pour I'Etude des Phenomenes Interessant la Solidification sur Terra et en Orbit
Isothermal Dendritic Growth Experiment
Advanced Automated Directional Solidification Furnace
CHeX :
Confined Helium Experiment
Space Acceleration Measurement System
Orbital Acceleration Research Experiment


1.2 Free-flyer

Fourth SPARTAN 201 (SPARTAN201-4)
SPARTAN201(Shuttle-Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for Astronomy) is a solar physics spacecraft designed to perform remote sensing of the Sun's corona. The objective of these observations are to investigate the mechanisms causing the heating of the solar corona and the acceleration of the solar wind.

UVCS : Ultraviolet Coronal Spectrometer
WLC : White Light Coronagraph
TEXAS : Technology Experiment Augumenting SPARTAN
VGS : Video Guidance Sensor


2 Secondary Payloads

2.1 Spacelab Mission

Fifth Development Extravehicular Flight Test (EDFT-05)
This test is planned to evaluate operability of EVA (Extravehicular Activity) tools such as an EVA crane developed for future International Space Station (ISS) assembly missions, and to demonstrate ISS assembly and maintenance operations by EVA.

SOLSE : Shuttle Ozone Limb Sounding Experiment
LHP : Loop Heat Pipe
NaSBE : Na-Sulfer Battery Experiment

Get Away Special (GAS)
TGDF : Turbulent Gas-Jet Diffusion Flames Experiment
G-036 : Get Away Special-036



2.2 Middeck Payload

Middeck Glovebox (MGBX)
The MGBX is a facility designed for materials and biological science experiment handling. On this flight, three microgravity physics experiments will be conducted.

WCI : Wetting Characteristics of Immiscibles
ELF : Enclosed Laminar Flames
PEP : Particle Engulfment and Pushing by Solidifying Interfaces

Collaborative Ukrainian Experiment (CUE)
NSAU (National Space Agency of Ukraine) and NASA will conduct joint experiments to study the effects of microgravity on plant growth.


2.3 Risk Mitigation Experiment (RME)

RME1309 : In-suit Doppler Ultrasound for Determining the Risk of Decompression Sickness During EVA
RME1323 : Autonomous EVA Robotic Camera (AERCam)/sprint

Last Updated : October 31, 1997

| STS-87 Mission Overview | Mission Objectives | Flight Result |
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