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Real time Radiation Monitoring Device (RRMD)

RRMD can conduct real-time measurement of the time and direction of incidence of high-energy radiation particles striking into a pressurized module, as well as real-time identification of the kinds of these particles. It can also transmit these data to the ground.
RRMD consists of Detector Unit, Sample Holder, Control Unit and Data Recorder. The Detector Unit is divided into two types, viz., Type II which is primarily used to measure heavy particles from carbon to iron, and Type III which is primarily used to measure light particles from proton to carbon. The Sample Holder, which is used to store such biological specimens as colitis germs, is set in the Detector Unit. The Control Unit possesses such functions as measurement signal processing and measurement control. The Data Recorder is used to record data in the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) zone where a larger amount of measurement data can be obtained than in any other zones.

RRMD Control UnitRRMD Detector UnitRRMD Sample Holder

Last Updated : March 27, 1998

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