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What's Outer Space like?
Life in Space

What's Outer Space like?

Weightlessness Vacuum Vision Thermal Environment Radiation
  01 Is space empty?
02 The Earth is a Gigantic Magnet
03 Aurora Gallary

01 Stars not easily seen from the Earth can clearly be observed

Space is a vacuum. However, this does not necessarily mean that space is completely empty. The researches in the last couple of decades have revealed that a variety of things, such as particles and waves called electromagnetic waves, are moving through space.

These particles and waves come from both our Sun and from outside our Solar System. Galactic cosmic ray is the name of those particles and waves that travel great distances from our Solar System. Radiation and particles, known as the "Solar Wind", are emitted by our Sun.

Unfortunately, some of these particles and waves traveling through space are hazardous to us and other life forms. The atmosphere and magnetic fields surrounding the Earth provides protection from these hazardous particles and waves.

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