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Space Seeds for Asian Future 2013

Last Updated: February 12, 2019
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ISS Crew Holding a Space Seeds Cultivation Box (Credit: NASA)

In the "Space Seeds for Asian Future 2013" program, indigenous seeds of Asia (Azuki) were launched by HTV-4 to ISS and the germination of the seeds in the microgravity environment on board Kibo was observed and cultivated with the help of astronauts in the Kibo/ISS. The members of the "Kibo-ABC" initiative have collaborated in the preparation, following which many people including children, students and researchers participated in the program. Participants cultivated their own seeds on the ground and joined events organized by Kibo-ABC members that include simultaneous control experiments on the ground.

Mission overview

ISS Crew Briefing
SSAF 2013 promotion in the NSTDA Annual Conference 2013
Engineers verify SSAF2013 onboard operation procedures
SSAF2013 Space Experiment Report: No.1 Ground Preparation
Video message from JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata
Program Overview [PDF: 648KB]

Mission result

SSAF2013 You Worked with an Astronaut in a Space Experiment [PDF: 2.2MB]

Program Report (SSAF2013 You Worked with an Astronaut in a Space Experiment) [PDF: 2.2MB]
Space Experiment Report
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