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Engineers verify SSAF2013 onboard operation procedures

Last Updated: May 14, 2013

Engineers at JAXA Tsukuba Space Center have developed and verified detailed procedures for the Space Seeds for Asian Future 2013 (SSAF2013) mission. Every operation procedure has to be verified for successful operation on board the ISS, even for relatively simple missions like SSAF2013. An engineer played the role of an astronaut inside the mock-up of the Kibo module and followed the procedures step by step using specific hardware identical to thatused in space flight. Other engineers closely observed these procedures to check if they were easily operable, how long they took, if the quality of images was satisfactory, and so on.

Procedures must be described in a simple and clear manner in a document for astronauts. Format is strictly standardized in every detail to enable smooth operation by any international crew member.

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