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Preparations for the second phase of Kibo utilization

Experiments, which have been selected and prepared as Kibo utilization themes, will be completed around the middle of JFY2010 when the Kibo First Phase Utilization period ends. JAXA defines the period from the second half of JFY 2010 through the end of JFY 2012 as the Kibo Second Phase Utilization, and has already started preparing new utilization activities for the new period.

The Kibo Second Phase Utilization will further advance the activities performed during the Kibo First Phase Utilization period, aiming at returning various outcomes to the society. Studies of new fundamental sciences under extreme environments, and innovations using the space environment and human space activities are planned.

Moreover, space-based science observations and researches, and technical demonstration of human spaceflight technologies will be conducted utilizing Kibo's facilities; based on the knowledge and know-how obtained from these activities, Japan hopes to establish space exploration technologies, and play a major role in promoting the world’s space development activities.

For experiments in Kibo's Pressurized Module (PM), JAXA solicited for scientific experiments in JFY 2007 and selected 14 candidate experiments in February 2008 which will be performed during the first half of the Second Phase Utilization period (1.5 years from the second half of JFY 2010 to the end of JFY 2011).

In May 2009, JAXA called for new scientific experiments which will be performed in the latter half of the Second Phase Utilization period (around JFY 2012) and 19 candidate experiments were selected in March 2010.

For experiments on Kibo's Exposed Facility (EF), after inviting mission proposals for EF experiments for the Kibo Second Phase Utilization in JFY 2006, JAXA selected a total of 11 candidate missions for conceptual study. As a result of the studies, four candidates for port-sharing utilization missions were selected to move to the development phase. The port-occupying utilization missions are still in the conceptual study phase.

In February, 2012, JAXA selected additional 5 candidate experiment themes to be conducted on the Kibo's Pressurized Module (PM) in the latter half of the second phase utilization period (from the latter half of JFY 2012 -2013).

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