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Categories of Space Experiments

The following are research fields that utilize the space environment, including the development of new materials in a "microgravity" environment, where gravity barely exists.

Microgravity Science Field: Developing new materials in a microgravity environment
In an environment without gravity, substances do not move or separate due to differences in their weight or relative density.
This makes it possible to develop new and high quality materials. Through these experiments, research and development of new materials and medicines that could be useful in our daily lives are conducted.
For example, the protein crystals obtained in a microgravity environment are of a higher quality than those produced on the ground. Based on this, the organic structure of proteins can be identified, thus allowing the analysis of diseases and the development of medicines possible.

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Earth Observation: Protecting people and the Earth &ndash

From the International Space Station, 85% of the Earth's surface can be observed. Through this global view provided by the "Eyes in Space", that are constantly keeping watch over the surface, as well as, conducting investigations; we strive to discover the solutions to today's environmental problems.
By observing ground and sea levels, atmospheric conditions, geological changes and ocean currents temperatures, a wide spectrum can be analyzed at once.

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Life Science Experiments: Unraveling evolution and discovering the adaptability of life forms

How do various organisms living in a variety of environments achieve adaptability?
Gravity plays an extremely important role, but it is difficult to investigate this factor on the ground. By utilizing the microgravity environment, research can be conducted to solve these questions. These types of basic research are essential, if we're to embark into space in the future. Through the experimental breeding of aquatic organisms and small animals, the study of their evolution, growth and generational changes, the effects from the space environment can be investigated.

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Fundamental Science Experiments: Investigates the natural laws by utilizing the space environment

Where no gravity exits, the samples can be suspended in the air, thus allowing the possible examination of the sample's characteristics without suffering any adverse contaminating effects from the sample's container. In addition, since there is no compression due to gravity, vertically symmetrical condition exists, hence the experiments' results will be more accurate. In fundamental science research, this environment is utilized to investigate the natural laws behind the physical and chemical interactions.

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