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Means of Conducting Microgravity Experiments

Space is an idel place for conducting long-term microgravity experiments while microgravity environment can be obtained on Earth via several means. The means and the comparaison are shown in the table below.

Methods of microgravity experiments Microgravity level Duration Information Operation
ISS 10-4~10-6G Weeks to several years
Utilization available
Aircraft 10-2~10-3G 10 to 25 seconds Diamond Air Service Utilization available
Drop Tower 10-3~10-4G one to ten seconds HASTIC (Japan)
ZARM Drop Tower (Germany)
Utilization available
Space shuttle 10-3~10-5G One to two weeks N/A
Free flyer 10-5g or over Depends on mission duration (about six months) Space Free-flyer Unit (SFU) N/A
Small rockets 10-2~10-3G Several minutes Space experiments by launching small rockets N/A
Mir 10-3~10-5G Weeks to Months Russia's Mir Space Station N/A
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