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About the cooperation of JAXA and ASI in the development of CALET

Last Updated: June 10, 2013

JAXA is now developing CALET(Calorimetric Electron Telescope), as a next space science mission payload through the use of Kibo Exposed Facility.

image: CALET(CG)


JAXA and ASI made an arrangement in 2011 for the cooperation on CALET mission.
According to the arrangement, JAXA will provide, beside the main development of the mission, scientific data of CALET to ASI. In reverse, ASI will provide to JAXA the High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) Units for CGBM and CAL on board CALET along with scientific and technical supports by Italian Researchers belonging to Italian Institutes led by CNR-IFAC and University of Siena. These researchers have experience on similar space observation mission.
This collaboration will mitigate the risk of new hardware development and maximize the worldwide scientific achievement.

photo: HV-BOX(Picture)


JAXA received from ASI the flight model of HVPS for CGBM in August 2012 and the flight model of HVPS for CAL(HV-BOX) in April 2013 in accordance with the bilateral arrangement.
These are electrical components of CALET.

HVPS for CAL was developed for CALET based on the design of high voltage power supply of the previous space mission. It provides high voltage power to "Calorimeter", which monitors the high energy cosmic rays, as a main detector of CALET.

HVPS will be integrated into CALET system and tested in Japan. After that, it will be launched on "KOUNOTORI5"(HTV5) to ISS in 2014.

It is hoped that CALET will lead the world in revealing the following mysteries which remains unexplained since cosmic rays had been firstly found 100 years ago:
- Acceleration/propagation mechanism of high energy cosmic rays
- Dark matter
- Gamma-ray burst

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