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The fifth series of Chaos, Turbulence and its Transition Process in Marangoni Convection (Marangoni Exp/MEIS) has started on board Kibo

Last Updated: July 9, 2012

All times are Japan Standard Time (JST)

The fifth series of Chaos, Turbulence and its Transition Process in Marangoni Convection (Marangoni Exp/MEIS)*, the first theme of the Marangoni Experiments which uses the Fluid Physics Experiment Facility (FPEF) on board Kibo, has started.

* Principal Investigator (PI): Koichi Nishino, Professor, Yokohama National University

The MEIS series 5 has started at 9:50 a.m. on June 26, 2012, following a remote checkout of the experiment facility from the Tsukuba Space Center (TKSC).

Marangoni convection experiments investigate the change in internal flow of a large liquid bridge made of silicon oil and the change of temperature distributions along with the flow change.

The present theme consists of a total of five series of experiments; and this fifth series attempts to observe the transition process of convection between critical point to high Marangoni number condition in a 5-cm diameter silicon bridge and to see if Particle Accumulation Structures (PAS) occur under each condition.

MEIS experiment
Series Experiment outline
1 Liquid bridge of silicone oil was created and the internal flow patterns were observed.
2 Variation of flow patterns (change in the flow pattern from stable flow to oscillatory flow) was observed. Surface velocity of Marangoni convection was quantitatively examined.
3 How liquid viscosity and the size of the liquid bridge affect flow patterns were observed by producing a 5-cm diameter liquid bridge.
4 Observed various flow patterns and the temperature distribution by increasing temperature gradient and make the convection stronger.

The data acquired for each series is being analyzed. The fifth series will continue until mid February, 2013.

The liquid bridge (Credit: JAXA/Yokohama National University/Tokyo University of Science)

See more details of this experiment: /en/kiboexp/theme/first/marangoni/index.html

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