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IVA-replaceable Small Exposed Experiment Platform (i-SEEP)

Last updated: October 31, 2016



An image of i-SEEP to which two pieces of experimental hardware are attached

The IVA-replaceable Small Exposed Experiment Platform (i-SEEP) is a hardware adapter for Kibo’s Exposed Facility (EF), to which several units of exposed experimental hardware weighing up to 200 kg and measuring up to 50 x 70 × 35 cm in size can be attached. It is a new EF platform used as an interface between the EF and exposed payloads. Through Kibo’s airlock, it allows for more frequent installation and the return of the experimental devices.

Description Details
Power I/F 28 V DC 2 ch, 200 W max. for each channel
Communications I/F Medium speed

Low speed

Ethernet: Ethernet II or IEEE802.3 2 ch
Wireless LAN: IEEE802.11n, One access point
MIL-STD-1553B 2 (dual)
USB USB2.0 2 ch
NTSC 1 ch
Air to Ground Communication I/F Maximum 60 Mbps including all Exposed Facility payloads
Waste heat I/F 400 W (Nominal maximum)
(Sum of heat conduction of two cold plates)
Estimated temperatures of cold plates:16-40 ℃
Vibration requirements Launch: 9.47 grms
Landing: 8.29 grms
(If delivered unpacked. Other provision applies if packed)

More details for the i-SEEP payload technical requirements are as following.

IVA-replaceable Small Exposed Experiment Platform (i-SEEP)/Payload Interface Control Document[PDF: 3MB]

Examples of Utilization

EF HDTV camera 2

Photographs of Earth will be taken using a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) camera for the purposes of public affairs, education, disaster observation, and demonstration of a COTS product. It is one of the two first payloads to be attached to i-SEEP.

Examples of images (images taken in past missions)


Giant swirl of a typhoon


Flood of the Amur River


Northern Japan in winter

In-orbit demonstration of the GPSR/Wheel unit


GPSR/Wheel Demo Unit

A demonstration of commercialized components to be loaded into small satellites will be performed to reduce the costs associated with satellite development. It will lead to market growth and strengthen the competitiveness of domestic parts manufacturers. It is also one of the first payloads to be attached to i-SEEP.

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