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Last Updated: October 3, 2014

JAXA has selected 19 scientific candidate experiments to be fulfilled in the latter half of the second utilization planning phase of Kibo (around 2012).

Following the selection of candidate experiments for the first half of Kibo utilization phase in the scientific utilization field, JAXA issued an announce of opportunity (AO) for the candidate experiments for the latter half of the second utilization phase in May, 2009. Of 68 proposals, 19 candidate experiments (15 in the life sciences field and 4 in the material science fields) were selected after reviews by the JAXA's Kibo Utilization Promotion Committee and its sub-committee.

The principal investigators will study an implementation plan of their experiments with JAXA for about 1 year. JAXA will make a preparation of the experiment after reviews of the implementation plan.

The selected candidate experiments are as follows.

Life Science: 15 experiments
Experiment Title Principal Investigator Experiment Facility
Studies on gravity-controlled growth and development in higher plants using true microgravity conditions on the Japanese experiment module “Kibo” in the international space station [PDF 77KB] Osaka Prefecture University
Junichi Ueda
Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF)
Molecular mechanisms of differentiation and formation of the gravity sensing system in plant cells [PDF 57KB] Nagoya University
Hitoshi Tatsumi
Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF)
Identification of gravity-transducers in skeletal muscle cells: Physiological relevance of tension fluctuations in plasma membrane (Cell Mechanosensing) Nagoya University
Masahiro Sokabe
Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF)
Enhanced effects of gravity by biological self-organizing processes Ochanomizu University
Yoshihiro Mogami
Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF)
Epigenetics in spaceflown C. elegans [PDF 61KB] Tohoku University
Atsushi Higashitani
Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF)
Study of the effects of space flight on the aging of C. elegans [PDF 83KB] Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology
Yoko Honda
Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF)
Effect of microgravity on osteoclasts and the analysis of the gravity sensing system in medaka [PDF 77KB] Tokyo Institute of Technology
Akira Kudo
Aquatic Habitat (AQH)
Effects of the gravity on maintenance of muscle mass in zebrafish [PDF 113KB] Kyoto University
Atsuko Sehara-Fujisawa
Aquatic Habitat (AQH)
Measurement of germline mutation induced in Medaka under space environment [PDF 62KB] University of Tokyo
Hiroshi Mitani
Aquatic Habitat (AQH)
Evaluations of physiological responses to space environmental stresses by using medaka live imaging [PDF 37KB] JAXA
Chiaki Mukai
Aquatic Habitat (AQH)
Life time heritable effect of space radiation on mouse germ cells and embryos preserved for a long-term in ISS [PDF 37KB] National Institute of Radiological Sciences
Shizuko Kakinuma
Minus Eighty degree Celsius Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI)
Study on the Effect of Space Environment to Embryonic Stem Cells to Their Development (Stem Cells) Osaka City University
Takashi Morita
Minus Eighty degree Celsius Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI)
Effect of space environment on mammalian reproduction (Space Pup) University of Yamanashi
Teruhiko Wakayama
Minus Eighty degree Celsius Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI)
The establishment of dosimetric system in the International Space Station (ISS) using Position Sensitive Tissue Equivalent Proportional Chamber (PS-TEPC) [PDF 95KB] High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Shinichi Sasaki
Multi-purpose Small Payload Rack (MSPR) with a proposed dosimeter system
On-board Microorganism Monitoring in Spacecrafts [PDF 64KB] JAXA
Takashi Yamazaki
Microbial detection device

Material Science: 4 experiments
Experiment Title Principal Investigator Experiment Facility
Detailed validation of the new atomization concept derived from drop tower experiments ~Aimed at developing a turbulent atomization simulator~ [PDF 36KB] Nagoya University
Akira Umemura
Multi-purpose Small Payload Rack (MSPR)
Structure Analysis of Colloidal Crystals under the Microgravity Environment by LASER Diffraction and Investigation of Colloidal Interaction [PDF 102KB] Kyoto Sangyo University
Ikuo Sogami
Multi-purpose Small Payload Rack (MSPR)
Quantitative Description of Gravity Impact on Solid Material Flammability as a base of Fire Safety in Space [PDF 103KB] Hokkaido University
Osamu Fujita
Multi-purpose Small Payload Rack (MSPR)
Low-speed counterflow flame experiment in space for constructing unified flammability theory on oxy-fuel combustion limit [PDF 69KB] Tohoku University
Kaoru Maruta
Multi-purpose Small Payload Rack (MSPR)
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