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Call for Proposals: Asian Try Zero-G 2017-2018

Kibo-ABC would like to invite your ideas for the simple space experiment "Asian Try Zero-G 2017-2018" program to be conducted in the International Space Station (ISS)/Kibo.

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KOUNOTORI6 Mission Completed(February 7, 2017)

KOUNOTORI6 Mission Completed

KOUNOTORI6 (HTV6) descended to an altitude of 120km over the east coast of New Zealand and reentered the Earth's atmosphere at around 0:06 a.m. on February 6. KOUNOTORI6 successfully completed its cargo supply mission to the ISS.

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Reentry of KOUNOTORI6 was confirmed(February 6, 2017)

Reentry of KOUNOTORI6 was confirmed

Reentry of the H-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI6 (HTV6) into Earth's atmosphere was confirmed.

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ISS/Kibo Monthly News: December, 2016

  • Astronaut Takuya Onishi completes rehabilitation program
  • KOUNOTORI6 arrives at the ISS
  • Successful deployment of a CubeSat delivered by KOUNOTORI6
  • A flash report of on-ground analysis of space mice

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Rapid decrease in the amount of bones and muscles as a result of a long-term rearing for 35 days<br>--A flash report of on-ground analysis of space mice

A mission to rear small animals in the Kibo module successfully completed the simultaneous rearing of mice under artificial (1G) and microgravity (μG) environments.

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