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Presentations to be delivered at AMS 2018 on the current status of Kibo utilization research and the experimental equipment on board

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will make two presentations at the 12th Asian Microgravity Symposium (AMS 2018) which will be held in Zhuhai of Guangdong, China, from 12th to 16th of November, 2018 on the current status of research utilizing the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" and the experimental equipment on board.

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Reentry of KOUNOTORI7 was confirmed(November 11, 2018)

Reentry of KOUNOTORI7 was confirmed

The reentry of the H-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI7(HTV7) into Earth's atmosphere was comfirmed.

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KOUNOTORI7 finished final de-orbit maneuver for reentry

At 6:14 a.m. on November 11,KOUNOTORI7(HYV7) performed the third de-orbit maneuver for reentry into Earth's atmosphere. All maneuver were completed norminal.

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KOUNOTORI7 was unberthed from the nadir port of Harmony (Node 2) by the SSRMS

KOUNOTORI7 was unberthed from the nadir port of Harmony (Node 2) by the SSRMS at 8:32 p.m., November 7.

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Malaysian Samples Handed Over to JAXA, Exposure Experiments on ExHAM starts next spring

On November 2, 2018, Dr. Noramaliza Mohd Noor, a senior lecturer of Universiti Putra Malaysia, handed over samples of the Material Exposure Experiment to JAXA at the Tsukuba Space Center, while the researchers, ground operators and other stakeholders to the experiment were observing the sample inspection.

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MAXI's discovery and 200-day observations of MAXI J1535-571, one of the brightest X-ray novae of this century, are published in the astronomical journal of Japan!

A research group including Mr. Satoshi Nakahira, visiting researcher from JAXA at RIKEN, Ms. Megumi Shidatsu, assistant professor at Ehime University, and other researchers from domestic institutes carried out a 200-day observation mission for a new X-ray nova MAXI J1535-571 that had been discovered with the Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image (MAXI) mounted on the Exposed Facility of the JEM "Kibo"/ISS.

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