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Space Utilization Research Program
Research Opportunities

Experiment Themes / Hardware in the JEM Exposed Facility
These experiments are conducted by bringing independent experiment hardware to the JEM Exposed Facility (experiment site exposed to space). The announcement of opportunities took place for JEM's primary utilization stage in 1996, and four experiment themes and hardware systems were selected. Two years prior to the beginning of JEM operation, a second invitation for research themes utilizing hardware developed and data acquired in the early stage will be offered. The opportunity for next-stage experiments will also be announced at that time.

Experiment Themes in the JEM Pressurized Module
These experiments are conducted utilizing common hardware incorporated into the JEM Pressurized Module (inside pressurized module). The first announcements of research opportunities took place in 1992 and 1993. Announcements of additional research opportunities are planned in the future.

Ground-based Research Announcement
SPARC promotes a system of public solicitation of research proposals for ground-based research. This system provides researchers in a wide variety of fields with ground-based research opportunities prior to the space environment utilization. For detailed information, please contact the Space Utilization Research Department of the Japan Space Forum (Tel 03-3459-1653).

Last Updated : December 17, 1999

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