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Space Utilization Research Program

Varied Research Sites, Methodologies, and Fields
Various research means, including drop towers, ground experiment facilities, airplanes, rockets, the space shuttle, and JEM, will be provided. The research fields to be covered are extensive, including: microgravity science, life science, space medicine, space science involving astronomical observation, Earth science involving Earth observation, and space utilization technology development.

Flexible Research Organization
SURP research activities are performed by research teams organized for selected research themes.
A research team is composed of the scientists and engineers invited (for 1 to 5 years, renewed annually) to SURP from various organizations, as resident or non-resident scientists and engineers. Some scientists and engineers may be from JAXA.
A collaborative research project with other research institutes may be organized if required to execute a specific research theme.
These arrangements are intended to maintain a flexible organization which is open to outside participation.

Active Use of Young Researchers
To encourage new, imaginative ideas not bound by the current orthodoxy, young doctoral level researchers will be actively employed.

Support by SPARC
To guarantee an environment in which the research of the SURP is conducted with flexibility and efficacy, the Space Utilization Research Center (SPARC) was established as a part of the JAXA administrative function to provide the SURP with managerial and technical support.
The support includes research planning and programming, budgetary preparation, supervision of contracts, procurement, accounting services, legal services, operational and technical assistance, personnel administration, safety control, and public relations.

Last Updated : December 17, 1999

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