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Space Utilization Research Program
Space Utilization Research Program (SURP)

To advance the utilization of the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) of the International Space Station, the Space Utilization Research Program (SURP) was established as an implementing body to integrate research utilizing the space environment. SURP is a research organization within the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), reporting directly to the President. The organization is open to the public, conducts collaborative research with other organizations and invites researchers to the agency. SURP, as necessary, will assemble research teams composed of researchers and engineers and initiate pioneer research or basic ground research related to the utilization of the space environment. SURP will also conduct the research selected as JEM and Space Shuttle research themes.

Research Organization

The Chief Scientist will supervise overall research in SURP by directing research team leaders. Advisors will assist the Chief Scientist in specific professional fields as necessary. Research teams will be composed of a team leader, researchers, technicians, research assistants, and so forth.

Space Utilization Research Committee (SURC)
Dr. Takuo Sugano,
President of Toyo University

The Committee, as an advisory body to the President, will produce guidelines for theme application, evaluation and selection, as well as actually evaluate and select research themes. All research themes to be Conducted in the SURP will be subject to the committee's evaluation.

Last Updated : December 17, 1999

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