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Space Utilization Research Program
Advancement towards JEM Operation: Expanding the Frontiers of Knowledge in Japan's Advanced Scientific Fields

Chief Scientist : Dr. Hiroo Inokuchi

It has been forty years since human beings entered the new world of space. Research efforts in the fields of science and engineering during this period are bearing fruit, culminating in the International Space Station at the dawn of the twenty-first century.
At this exciting turning point in space development, the establishment of the Space Utilization Research Program (SURP) is especially meaningful. As the leader of the program, I feel a great responsibility. Utilization of the elements of the space environment, such as microgravity, vacuum, radiation, all-sky view, and peculiar atmosphere, will realize humanity's dreams in both science and technology. SURP will promote research into space station utilization, by teaming both domestic and international researchers and engineers. I would like to invite many people to join us.

Last Updated : December 17, 1999

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