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Space Station Operations Facility (SSOF)

Outline of Space Station Operations Facility
When the construction of Kibo is completed, Japan will then start to conduct experiments in space. Kibo systems and Kibo experiments will be operated from the Space Station Operation Facility in cooperation with the Space Station Control Center at NASA Johnson Space Center, which is in charge of operation and control of the International Space Station (ISS) as a whole.

Supporting Kibo
About Kibo's ground support facilities and the flight control team

About the three Shuttle Transfer (STS) missions that deliver Kibo's elements to the ISS

Outline of Kibo Operations
Operations control of the ISS as a whole will be carried out under NASA's overall coordination. International partners will be responsible for operations control of their own elements. Operations control of Kibo will be carried out at the Mission Control Room in the Space Station Operations Facility.

Various Kibo operations systems are being developed, including: the Operations Control System; the Astronaut Training System; the Engineering Support System; the Logistics and Maintenance Operations Management System; and the Operations Network System, which is a communication network linked to the NASA Control Center.

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Mission Control Room (MCR)

Mission Control Room (MCR) (1F)
MCR is the core center of real-time operations of Kibo on 24-hour basis. Ongoing control of Kibo systems such as the electric power distribution system and the thermal control system, monitoring the condition of Japanese experiment equipment, sending control commands, and real-time operations planning will be conducted here. Communications with crew members and with NASA, as well as the control centers of other countries will be performed from here.This is also the site for early stage trouble shooting. The MCR will be equipped with workstations, voice communications equipment, and large-scale screens for displaying operations status to monitor and control the instruments aboard Kibo.

User Operations Area (1F)
This room is the site for distributing Kibo experiment status and measurement data to users. Users, including experiment researchers and those in charge of experiment operations, will monitor, control, andanalyze experiment data, and also support and carry out on-orbit experiments from the ground.

Operations Planning Room (1F)
In-space and ground operations planning is carried out here, considering electric power distribution, crew member time schedules, and data transmission capacity. If changes must be made in operations planning, re-planning can be carried out in tandem with the Mission Control Room, the User Operations area, and NASA.

Operations Rehearsal Room (4F)
Functions identical to those of the MCR will be set up in this room, which will then be used for operator training, integrated rehearsals, and training with NASA.

Outline of Kibo Operations System

Outline of building
Steel frame structure, four stories / Total floor area 7,143m2 / Completed April 1996

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