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Kibo Utilization Office for Asia (KUOA)

Asian Herb in Space

(The third project of the Space Seeds for Asian Future)

Last Updated: September 28, 2020

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Asian Herb in Space (AHiS) is an activity of the Asian Beneficial Collaboration through Kibo Utilization initiative (Kibo-ABC) under the Space Environment Utilization Working Group (SEUWG) of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF). AHiS is the third project of the Space Seeds for Asian Future program (SSAF).

The purpose of AHiS is to provide students and young researchers in the Asia-Pacific region with an opportunity to learn about space biology. AHiS also aims to promote understanding and gain experience regarding the utilization of Kibo by participating organizations.

Mission overview

AHiS consists of two missions.
In the first mission, basil seeds will be grown in the Kibo module and returned for analysis by Japanese and Malaysian researchers. Participating organizations will give students and young researchers an opportunity to conduct a ground control experiment using the basil seeds provided by JAXA.
In the second mission, herb seeds provided by participating organizations will be stored in the Kibo module then returned to the participating organizations for research and education purposes.

Mission-1: Space growth experiment mission

Mission-2: Space travel seed mission


September 1, 2020

AHiS News: Australian Ambassador gives JAXA seeds to be sent into space! (English/Japanese)

Materials for Research and Education

  1. The significance of growing herbs in space
  2. Scent of herbs
  3. How to grow Sweet Basil
  4. Let's experiment with Herb‼

Participating organizations and their activities

  1. Australian Space Agency (Australia)
  2. National Museum of Science and Technology (Bangladesh)
  3. National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Indonesia)
  4. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan)
  5. Malaysian Space Agency (Malaysia)
  6. Nepal Scientific Activities and Research Center (Nepal)
  7. New Zealand Astrobiology Network (New Zealand)
  8. Singapore Space and Technology Limited (Singapore)
  9. National Space Organization (Taiwan)
  10. National Science and Technology Development Agency (Thailand)
  11. UAE Space Agency (United Arab Emirates)


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