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Asian Try Zero-G 2016 ideas selected

Last Updated: August 30, 2016

Kibo-ABC called for the proposal of "Asian Try Zero-G 2016" to be conducted in Kibo, and expected to be performed by ISS crew JAXA astronaut Takuya Onishi this year.

Over 120 proposals from around Asia were submitted from students and young scientists/engineers of Asian countries. Each Kibo-ABC member agency screened these proposals based on the following criteria: "feasibility of crew time (approx. 10 minutes)", "science visibility", "safety" and "availability of onboard materials/equipment".

As a result of the screening, 20 proposals were recommended and have been discussed as possible candidates at Kibo-ABC selection meeting. Finally six proposals passed the final review of JAXA.

By combining two similar proposals, five experiment candidates were selected. All of results will be announced by recorded video on Kibo-ABC NEWS.

Original proposals from six Asian countries of five experiment candidates, "Asian Try Zero-G 2016"

Title The Flying Paper Plane
Country Singapore
Experiment Throwing paper planes with some variations of aileron, rudder, in ISS/Kibo to observe how they fly in the absence of gravity.
Title Magnus Effect (two proposals combined)
Country Vietnam and Malaysia
Experiment Throwing ball with or without spinning in ISS/Kibo to observe how Magnus Effect appears under micro gravity environment.
Title Blocks in Jar
Country Indonesia
Experiment Shaking water bag which contains balls made of various materials to observe how they move in the bag.
Title Capillary in Zero Gravity
Country Thailand
Experiment Sucking air and various liquid in a syringe to observe shape of boundary surface between air and the liquid.
Title Liquid Density Action
Country New Zealand
Experiment Attaching two liquid balls made of different materials under micro gravity environment to observe how they are mixed.
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