Space Poem Chain Vol.2

Application guideline for the Space Poem Chain

1 Eligibility
Anyone is eligible to submit their work to the Space Poem Chain. The title of the second series of the Space Poem Chain is “There are stars”. Please visit here to read the poem chain in edition.
2 Types of works
Poems should be three or five lines. The length of the poem will be announced on the webpage. Please visit here for Space Poem Chain rules.
3 Language
Submissions must be in either Japanese or English.
4 Application period
On Fridays the latest poem will be announced and applications will be invited for the next poem. The due date is the following Monday or Monday two weeks later at 3pm (Japan Standard Time)
5 Time and number of poems per application
We will invite applications from the general public several times, and one poem from one person will be accepted every time.
6 Application method
If you agree to the Application Guidelines, please send your poem by email to the Space Poem Chain Secretariat as below. Please include your name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email address, age and occupation along with the poem. If you have a pen-name that you would like to use, please specify that too. If your submission includes text for which a third party holds the copyright, please attach documents giving a list of the copyright holders and works for which permission has been obtained.
7 Selection and Translation
Each time one poem out of those submitted will be selected. If its original language is Japanese, it will be translated into English, and if English, it will be translated into Japanese. Please understand that we can not accept any objections or appeals regarding the results of the selection and translation process.

The Space Poem Chain Secretariat
(c/o Art Front Gallery Co., Ltd.)

8 Announcement of selected poem
The selected poem will be announced on the day of announcement as “the poem of the week”, and the author's name will be made public.
9 Applicants agree to the following conditions.

1) Treatment of submissions
  • Applicants give all rights in the poems (including all rights included in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Law of Japan) without condition to the organizers.
  • Applicants agree not to claim personal rights of the creator to the submissions.
  • The organizers shall have the right to exclusive use of the winning submissions.
  • The organizers shall have the right to use submitted works as necessary for the purpose of introducing this project and for records, space use, advertising, and space education, through TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, etc.
  • Applicants give permission to the organizers to edit and translate the submissions.
  • Any violation of the rules for submission will result in disqualification, even if the submission has already been selected for use.

2)Responsibilities of applicants and exemption of responsibility of the organizers
  • All submissions must be previously unpublished work created by the applicant.
  • Applicants shall not submit work for which copyrights are owned by a third party. Applicants must guarantee that the submissions do not violate any copyrights or other legal rights. If any legal problem arises with regard to a submitted work, the problem shall be resolved at the responsibility and expenses of the applicant.
  • The organizers will make every effort to treat the submissions carefully, but will not bear responsibility if any accident occurs.

3)Personal information
  • The personal information provided in the application shall be only used for notification and announcement of the selection results and events relating to the activities.

4)Settlement of disputes
  • Any dispute arising relative to this application or contract shall be under the jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court for the first trial.
Contact information:

The Space Poem Chain Compiling Committee
Secretariat (c/o Art Front Gallery Co., Ltd.)
Tel: +81-(0)3-3476-4868