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What is the Japanese Experiment Module, "Kibo"?

The Japanese Experiment Module, "Kibo", is the name of the experiment module that Japan is constructing. This experiment module is a facility where various types of experiments and research activities will be conducted. Up to 4 astronauts can work simultaneously inside. This will be the first time Japan will construct a facility for use in space where astronauts can work inside.

"Kibo" consist of 6 parts: Two experiment areas known as 1) the "Pressurized Module" and 2) "Exposed Facility"; 3) the "Experiment Logistics Module Pressurized Section (ELM-PS) , which is a storage facility attached to the Pressurized Module; 4) the "Experiment Logistics Module Exposed Section(ELM-ES), which is a storage facility that's part of the "Exposed Facility"; 5) the "Remote Manipulator System" (Robotic arm), which performs experiments and work tasks in space ; and 6) the "Inter-orbit Communication System (ICS)", which is used to communicate with the ground controllers.

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