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Sickness: What do they do if they get sick in space?

The astronaut in charge of medical treatments will take care of the sick.

Each astronaut in the Space Shuttle has a specific assigned role, and as such, each has received intensive training required for that specialized task. For medical emergencies, the Crew Medical Officer is the person in charge.

The Medical Officer is trained not only for the usual first-aid treatments, but also for other medical matters such as, stitching up wounds and giving injections. All astronauts are trained for emergency resuscitations in case of heart attacks.

Many medical instruments and medicine are included in the Space Shuttle's medical kit. These kits are used to treat minor illness and injuries during the flights. In addition, these kits are also used to stabilize the patientヘs condition during the flight back to Earth.

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Emergency resuscitation training (upper left)

Medical kit (upper right)

Using the medical kit (lower right)

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