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Sleep: How can they sleep when they are floating in space?

The astronauts sleep in small sleeping compartments by using sleeping bags. They strap their bodies loosely so that their bodies will not float around.

In the zero-gravity world, there are no "ups" or "downs". The astronauts can sleep anywhere facing any direction. But it's not good to be floating away somewhere while sleeping. So the astronauts use small sleeping compartments and sleeping bags. They will strap their bodies loosely so that their bodies will not float around while they sleep in the Space Shuttle.

Eye masks and earplugs are also available for the astronauts who are unable to sleep due to the noise from air conditioning and other machines.

The astronaut's sleeping cycle, while in the Space Shuttle, allocates eight hours for sleeping. However, in most cases, they will sleep for around 6 hours, since they often work long hours or they'll spend their time enjoying the view of the outside from the Shuttle's window.

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How they sleep in their beds
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Sleeping bag attached to the wall
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