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Roles of participating countries

Which country constructs which part of International Space Station?
Participating countries utilize top-level technologies for their purposes.

Japan provides Japanese Experiment Module (Kibo)

The International Space Station components are developed by participating countries. Basically, each country is responsible for operating the part it developed, and the USA is responsible for overall system operation. Components will be launched by a US Space Shuttle or Russian rockets.

Endorsed by HOA on Mar 3, 2006

<Roles of each country>
The United States of America
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
The United States is responsible for coordinating the overall ISS. The United States is providing the experiment module, habitation module, trusses where robot arm will be installed, power supply system including solar panels, and crew return vehicle for emergency use.
Federal Space Agency (FSA)
Russia provides FGB launched as the first part of ISS, two experiment modules, service module to be used as the habitation area for the early stage of ISS and provides crew emergency return vehicle 'Soyuz'.
European countries
European Space Agency (ESA)
ESA provides mainly an experiment module. The eleven participating countries are Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Swiss, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Japan provides an experiment module called Kibo which has a unique facility exposed to the space environment.
Canadian Space Agency (CSA)
Canada provides a robot arm used for ISS construction or for device exchange. Canada provided robot arms for the Space Shuttle.

URLs of participating countries
Country name Agency name URLs language
Canada CSA -
Belgium - - -
Denmark DSRI -
France CNES French
Germany DLR German
Italy ASI -
Netherlands - - -
Norway - - -
Spain INTA Spanish
Sweden SSC -
Swiss - - -
Great Britain - - -
Japan JAXA -
Russia ROSCOSMOS Russian

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