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Facilities supporting experiments and astronauts' daily lives

Full of functions to support experiments and daily lives.
Facilities inside the International Space Station

Six "Experiment Modules" utilized by participating countries
The United States of America, Japan, Europe and Russia are developing experiment modules of their own. A total of six modules will be the working area of the Astronauts in ISS. Since there is almost no gravity, astronauts will float inside ISS, so to fix an astronaut's body, foot restraints will be utilized. Hand-rails will be available to move to other locations.


"Habitation area" for sleeping, dining and exercise
The habitation area provides housing for astronauts. Two modules are planned, with the US and Russia providing one module each. The habitation area will provide facilities needed to support astronauts' healthy life such as a sleeping conpartment, shower room, toilet, and exercise area.

- A sample of an astronaut's daily schedule
Each astronaut will be given an individual daily schedule. Basically, astronauts will work eight hours a day. Two day off will be given a week and national holidays are under consideration. Also, astronauts will have an opportunity to communicate with their family on the ground once a week.

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Q&A About astronaut's life

Q.1 How will water, air and electricity be provided ?
Water and air will initially be transported to ISS where it will then be recycled for subsequent reuse. Electricity will be generated mainly by large solar panels which will be rotated to continually face the sun.

Q.2 Do astronauts eat the same food as we do on the ground?
Unlike the Space Shuttle, the ISS habitation module has a refrigerator and freezer, so vegetables, fruits, and other foods similar to those on the ground, such as frozen food are provided. In addition, thermostabilized food is also available, allowing the astronauts to enjoy a menu full of variety.

Q.3 What will the astronauts do during their free time?
Astronauts will be allowed to carry certain volume of private items with them to ISS. This will enable them to spend leisure time similarly as they would do on the ground, reading books, listening to music, and so forth.

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