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What is International Space Station?

Laboratory in space where people can live.
The International Space Station (ISS) is a huge manned construction located about 400km above the Earth. While it circles around the Earth at a speed of 17,700mph (or 90 minutes per orbit), Earth and star observation, or experiments and research are being conducted. ISS is intended to be utilized for more than 10 years after its completion.
The primary purposes of ISS are to provide a facility where we can conduct experiments and research for a long term by utilizing environment peculiar to the space, to promote science and technology by utilizing the results of such research, and to contribute to daily lives and industries on the Earth.

Inside ISS, astronauts will conduct various experiments and research, by utilizing the environment peculiar to space.

The world's most ambitious International program
The ISS, 'Borderless place mankind had ever had in history'. The United States of America, Japan, Canada, European countries and Russia are cooperating to promote the ISS construction and utilization. ISS is the very first project to have so many countries participating with their latest technologies. ISS is not only an important facility which significantly promotes space activities worldwide, but is also a symbol of international cooperation and the worldwide peace.

Heads of Agencies Meeting held at Tsukuba Space Center, Japan, in May 1997. Many important decisions are made through discussions or negotiations among participating countries.

Toward the completion of ISS in the year 2010.
ISS, with its various capabilities, will be assembled in space step-by-step, combining components carried by more than 40 launch missions. Rockets and Space Shuttles will be used to carry those components to orbit. Robotic arms will be utilized and Extravehicular Activities (EVA's) will be conducted by astronauts assemble ISS.
The first component of ISS was launched on Nov. 20, 1998 from Russia to start its construction. ISS will be completed in 2010.
The first component being launched was FGB made in Russia, which weighs 21tons, with nickname of "Zarya" meaning sunrise.

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